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クジラ構文に扮した、普通の否定比較文 No. 2

3月18日の記事で話題にした、相対的な(= than を“だし”にして「AはBでない」とはならない)no more ... than の例文を以下に紹介する。全訳を付けるまでのサビース精神がなく申し訳ないが、大学受験レベルを想定して、注釈を付すこととする。

After *decades of freedom and independence, many people with *dementia are reluctant to stop driving. But the decline in *cognition found in people with conditions such as *Alzheimer's disease often makes them unsafe drivers. For example, people with dementia are about three to five times as likely as others their age to be involved in a car crash.

Although experts agree that those with *moderate or *severe dementia should not drive, the data on people with very mild or mild dementia are not as clear. Evidence shows that people with very mild Alzheimer's disease are no more likely to cause a car crash than a young person who just obtained a driver's license. And new research is beginning to *clarify when patients with dementia are fit to drive and when they should *give up the keys.


*decades of~:何十年もの~
*Alzheimer's disease:アルツハイマー病
*give up the keys:車の運転をやめる





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