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whom 健在!

以下はの英文はMARCH 18のTIME誌から。

「関係代名詞の whom はもやは使わず who で代用する」などという雑な教え方をする英語教師に読ませたい。馴染みのない名前や、文が長くなり分かりにくいときなどは、“格”に忠実に whom を使うという好例。

That contest will likely *pit Chavez's less charismatic but ideologically ardent Vice President, Nicolas Maduro, against *Miranda state Governor Henrique Capriles Radonski, the popular opposition leader whom an ill Chevez nonetheless handily defeated in October to win re-election.

*pit A against B:AをBと競わせる
*Miranda state:ベネズエラ国の一行政単位。日本の都道府県のようなものと考えると、分かりやすい。

Whoever the candidates are, the race will be a decisive test of whether chavismo—the left-wing ideology advanced by Chavez—can survive without the man it's named for. Murodo, 50, a former bus driver whom *el comandante publicly anointed as his successor before leaving Cuba and his final round of cancer treatment in December, will be considered the favorite.

*el comandante:最高司令官(=チャベス氏のこと)。スペイン語だと思われる

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