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in favor or paper books

I like paper books better then e-reader. I have two reasons for this. First, paper books have more sentimental value. I think we value them more because they have more character: book cover designs and illustrations, for example. People can make a collection of their favorite books to keep on a book shelf. Second, borrowing and renting books are easy. Paper books are easy to share with friends. Going to the library to look for and borrow books is a popular activity. The enjoyment of this is lost with e-readers as the software is difficult to share with other people.(100 words)

in favor or e-reader

I like e-reader better than paper books. I have two reasons for this. First, e-readers are more economical. The e-reader machine can cost some money but the book programs that are used or downloaded are not so expensive. Paper books are becoming more expensive to buy and also the production of paper books costs a lot of money. This leads to my second point about the environment. Most publishing companies use non-recycled paper. The production of new paper has a negative effect on the environment because it decreases the number of trees.(92 words)

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